How Secure Your Shipments and packages safely in the Pandemic

Many hands touch your package before it reaches your doorstep, which makes many people concerned about accepting a delivery. Thanks to the pandemic! Many delivery businesses, thankfully, have taken extra precautions to protect consumer safety during the time of the pandemic.

Here at Swift Delivery UAE, we are committed to your health and safety. All our drivers strictly follow SoPs by wearing surgical masks, keeping hand sanitizer in their vehicles, and following proper hand washing protocols. We ensure the safest Home Delivery Service in Dubai. Following are some precautionary measures in this regard.

How to Handle a Drop-Off Package Properly

To stay safe, keep your distance from any potentially contaminated surfaces on the packaging. Here are some useful safety tips:

  • If the package is secure and out of sight, it is recommended that you leave it for 24 hours from where it was dropped off, giving the virus time to die.
  • If the box needs to be opened right away, clean the outside and interior with an antibacterial solution before opening it
  • You should open the package and dispose of it outside of your home.
  • To further limit your risk of infection, promptly wash your hands after handling the packing materials.
How to Handle In-person Delivery

Take steps to establish a setting with the least amount of interaction between you and the delivery person for in-person deliveries.Here are some useful safety tips:

  • Leave a note instructing the delivery person to first ring the doorbell or knock before leaving the package at your door. This reduces the number of times you and the delivery person come into contact.
  • If a signature is requested, keep a safe distance of six feet from the person.
  • To be extra cautious, wash your hands right after the delivery
What can shippers do to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading?

Help overcome your clients' fears by assuring them that you are doing everything possible to maintain things clean and virus-free. Create a standardized packing procedure for your business. Here are some recommendations to help you get started:

  • Employees who are sick (respiratory or otherwise) should stay at home and recover.
  • Before packing, disinfect all products.
  • Sanitize packing stations on a regular basis.
  • Before packing shipments, wash your hands.

Once you've established your firm guidelines, make sure to share them with your consumers so that they feel comfortable doing business with you. Use this chance to teach them how to avoid becoming infected when receiving parcels.

Swift Delivery, being one of the leading Local courier companies in Dubai is your trusted partner providing you extensive services in the ongoing pandemic strictly adhered to the SoPs because clients' satisfaction is the driving force of our business.