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Destination Types

We offer support for any retailer fulfillment destination direct to stores, distribution centers. In B2B eCommerce fulfillment, products we ship directly to a business or retailer (B2R). B2B involves bulk orders; this helps the receiver to hold large quantities of stock items to sell. Companies place orders at Reorder Quantity level, and it's usually done well in advance before depletion of stocks below minimum levels; this helps them maintain the desired levels of supplies, so they don't have to purchases more frequently.


Retail Fulfillment

Strategy and Expertise

With deep knowledge and understanding of the fulfillment and logistics business, Swift Delivery has the operational expertise to plot an optimum route for your products to the solicited marketing channels regarding scale and the complexities around a multiple retailer rollout. Reliability and precision are fundamentally important with B2B fulfillment services. There are several compliance requirements, such as customs, tax rules, product restrictions, labels, barcodes, or specific invoicing structures. We handle all the formalities and procedures to facilitate our clients. Bulk orders, shipments can be expected to cost more and have longer delivery lead times. Our 3PL service focuses on providing fast and dependable solutions. Businesses expect our fulfillment services optimized for cost-cutting and augmented efficiency. We play a climacteric role in maintaining the ability of our clients to sustain their operations efficiently and complete orders in time, without delays. Mismanagement can harm the clients' reputation, and they may incur penalty fees and refund losses that they might have to provide. Our streamlined operations and well-established operating procedures eliminate the mismanagement and delays with no delays and exceptions.